In 2019, I worked as a contract designer for Clickfunnels design team for a three-month project to enhance Clickmail. ClickFunnels is a cloud-based platform that assists businesses in generating leads and increasing sales. It allows users to create sales funnels and landing pages to generate leads and sales. 
Team Composition
Role - Contract Product Designer
Product Manager(1), Customer Researcher(1), Product Designer (1)
Including Host Design Sprint, UX Research, Create User Journey, Product Feature Suggestion, Wireframe, Hi-fi Prototype, Improvement Suggestion.
Our current Clickfunnels email setup requires customers to integrate with a third-party SMTP provider to send marketing emails, making the process challenging and expensive. New customers, especially those new to online marketing, want an easy-to-use email marketing experience and need quick assistance to create their first Follow-up Funnels/Broadcast.
We are considering exploring Clickmail to solve these issues. With Clickmail, customers can sign up for an account and start sending emails immediately, using our default SMTP and simplified email setup page.
- After incorporating ClickMail, will increase the new member of Follow-up Funnels and Broadcast.
- ClickMail will increase the number of Clickfunnels users upgrading to Platinum.
- Decrease support ticket of Follow-up Funnels and Broadcast.
User Survey
Survey can help us validated our assumption, re-affirm that customer has strong interests and potential preference for the ability to send email directly through Clickfunnels.
Competitive Research
A competitor analysis help us understand where our service stands in the market. Search for relevant examples of  products that can inspire us and write the big idea. To know the strengths and weaknesses of the competition. To have reliable evidence when making product changes
User Journey Map
According to User Survey and Expert Interview result, We create "How might we" note, listing our idea to help user solve the problem. Then we grouped "HMW" cards that cover the similar topic, and named each group including SMTP-Less experience on set up, Clickmail Flow improvement and Recommendation of improve email quality. 
Then I start to create User Journey map, and add "HMW" to the map. The Map presents a user’s flow through the Follow-Up funnels. This is important as it helps us focus on one key moment of our user's journey.
Concept Sketch
We did concept sketch exploration and highlight the idea we like:
User Flow
We set up an entry point and a goal for the flow, and create all final flow according to discussion:
According to Sketch exploration and listing the feature points all team member like, I create lo-fi Prototype:
- On the Email Set up Page, provide suggestions to help the user improve their email reputation.
- The Email Set up Page, Not show "SMTP"  set up information, User can simple and easy to create their email set up.
- After setting up, show email reputation on the dashboard.
- On Follow-Up Funnels showing in email action on default, it is easy for the user to set up their email. hide 3rd party action on the second tab.
Homepage Wireframe Exploration
Interactive Prototype
User Testing
We invited 15 users did user testing, and half of them is new users, half of them is old users. 
Task Success Point​​​​​​​:
- User think email set up page really simple and straight forward.
- User success find where to check email, and they want know more detail.
- User really like set up email event as default, 90% of user only use email event on FUF/Broadcasts. And them mentions previous list all event out make them confused and always click wrong event.
-User like new style to list all step, easy for them to check progress and edit.
- User Toggle button to make step live
Need Improve Point​​​​​​​:
- User feel confused of wording "ON" "OFF" to make step live or pause it.
- User feel email reputation is really important and put on button conner hard to find it.

Homepage Final Wireframe
Hi-Fi Design
According to User testing result, I provide a Design improvement Suggestion and Create Hi-fi Prototype:
- Toggle Button change text from "OFF" "ON" to " Paused" "Live" decrease wording confuse.
- Move up email reputation, easy for user to noticed.
Email Set Up Page
Follow-Up Funnels Default Page
Create FUF Page (Auto filled Email Event)
Create FUF Page (Change Event)
List All Step 
Follow-up Step Page

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