Hi, I'm Xudan Zhou, a Product Designer

Researching, Sketching, Designing is my daily basis.

Hi! I'm Xudan Zhou, a Product designer. I have 6+ years of experience in the UX/UI for multiple platforms, including Saas software, dashboard, and responsive websites. And have an MA degree in Interactive Design. Researching, Sketching, and Designing are my daily basis.  

In my free time, I like sitting around a table to doodle out something ✏️ (xudansketch hand-drawing book ) or go hiking 🥾Commune with nature and record my life 📷  (Youtube Channel). User experience is my passion simply because I love finding user needs, solving problems, and creating beautiful designs.

About my art:
My Design Approach
Define Problem
I work with stakeholders to identify a user problem or pain point, Define the job to be done and KPIs for success.
Understand User
Facilitating User surveys, User interviews, Platform behavior analysis, and testing to identify the users and understand their needs.
Find Solution
I work with cross-functional teams to understand marketing opportunities, and align design goals with the business goal. I facilitate design sprints and engage the team to get feedback and address the gaps providing value to the users.
I work on different iterations rapidly, from sketches, and wireframes to interactive prototypes. I validate the design with users' and stakeholders' feedback, and I built an MVP.
Design QA
I partnered with Engineer, to work on design QA to be sure that the design is implemented in the correct way on the product.
Measure & Improve
I partnered with Product Manager set up metrics and measure results. According to the result, I provide an improvement plan and set up goals with PM.
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