iFixit App
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Concept of iFixit
A digital application that can help people check car status, self diagnose car problems and protect people from repair store cheating​​​​​​​
Problem Statement
Car owners are concerned with their vehicle, but less knowledge on it.  When their vehicle has a breakdown, send to a repair store is the only option. In fact, some vehicle trouble is easy to repair. Self Repair vehicle is a good way to cut cost and avoid trouble. The
following is some reason on the value of this project:
- Save money and time on repair vehicle.
- Provide best option when emergency happens.
- Careful maintenance can extend the life of vehicle.
- A well-maintained vehicle will cause less roadside emergencies.
- Reduce pollution with vehicle maintenance.
- People are concerned with their vehicle, but lack of knowledge about it.
- People easily trust expert, so they may be cheat easily
- Vehicle trouble is common in life, the first thing people do is ask one who has knowledge in vehicle field for help.
User Survey & Interview
According to user interview, I validated my insight
Sketch Exploration
During early stage of conceptualizing, I try to draw paper prototype, which allows quickly visualize and test various of my ideas. 
User Testing & Postmortem
I test the paper prototype on real users. I collect feedback from them and learn early whether my ideas and concepts work​​​​​​​. This process help me to improve the design layout and function.
Problem 1:
Text input bar can use in website just on same page, But in ios, we need to click and move to another page.
Improve method:
Change text input bar from one page to two page. Click and move to a new page input text.
Problem 2:
Use number stepper to select number is really hard and slow on phone.
Improve method:
Change number stepper to calendar.
Problem 3:
“Open menu” icon is really hard to recognize, people may misunderstand its meaning.
Improve method:
Change icon, make it’s meaning more clearly.
Lo-fi Prototype
According to user testing, I improved the function and design element. Then move to final lo-fi prototype.

I also design a sitemap which can help identify where content will sit and what needs to be produced, and clearly show the relationship between different pages
Branding & UI Design
The primary color I choose is blue, which to symbolize morden, trust, intelligence and progress.
Final Design
Prototype Link: Prototype
Design Process Blog:  https://xudanitgm748.wordpress.com/

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