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About Bloomberg Professional
Team Composition
Bloomberg Professional App provide the same information of Bloomberg Terminal. Customer can use this app to open their bloomberg terminal same reference-quality, real-time data, security and access to personal files they have on their regular computer. 
Bloomberg App going to push new version. and I focus on tip section. The purpose to design tip is to help customer better understand new framework and some complex function.
UX Visual Design Lead(1), Product Manager (1) UX Visual designer (1)

My Role - UX Visual Designer
Including User Research, Product Feature Suggestion
Wireframe, Hi-fi Prototype, Interactive Prototype, Visual Specification
Why need to Redesign Tip Applet
1. Customers hard to use some of the function in bloomberg professional app without tips. However, Current tips not allow customers re-access, and they easy to miss it at first time.
2. Some of function in bloomberg app is easy to be ignored, but it is useful and important. Need tips to promote those functions. 
3. Bloomberg professional app new vision onboarding, and need to promote new framework
Old Tip 
Research Finding
1 Collect Customer feedback  for current mob app (data from customer services)
2 List New framework that need tooltip
3 List useful function that want to be promote.
<DRQS EN 510> Mobile App Feedback June 2015 - June 2016
 SMSG Mobile Design/UX Feedback January 2016 - June 2016
 SMSG Mobile Design Feedback August 2015 - December 2015
Sketch Exploration
According to customer feedback and comparative research, I decide to focus on four key features for tip Applet:
1 Avoid creating barriers for users to study tips.
2 Allow users to access tips when they need it.
3 Select the appropriate media for communication concept.
4 Make it fun.
Information Architecture
There are two to get into tip applet:
1 From main menu 
2 Inside each applet
Wireframe Exploration
I explored different wireframe to display tip list and tip content.
1. The tip list need to easy for user find out the tip they search for. Image with title can clearly show the tip information
2.Compare to text, user prefer to what video or image guideline.
Visual Design Exploration
After clarify wireframe layout, I explored different UI design to show information.
Final Design
On list page, I arrange tip title with simple preview images, which can help customer easier find the tip they need to know. On content page, I design a loop video and put text explanation below it. Help customer easier understand tip information

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